March 18, 2018

Right of Way cases account for 80% of TCN Court cases

Right of Way cases account for 80% of TCN Court cases

About 80 per cent of all court cases that the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) is currently facing border on right-of-way issues, the Interim Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer, TCN, Mr. Usman Mohammed, has said.

According to him, RoW concerns have remained a big problem confronting Nigeria’s power transmission expansion programme.

Mohammed, who doubles as the Chairman of the West African Power Pool, also told our correspondent that the WAPP recently agreed to synchronise the electricity from Nigeria with that of other countries in the sub-region, adding that this was due to improvements in the frequency stability of the country’s electricity grid.

He said, “Right-of-way is a big issue in Nigeria and this is one of the problems why we have court cases. For in the TCN, about 80 per cent of our cases that are in court have to do with right-of-way issues. So it is a big problem and I can tell you why this is an issue in Nigeria in contrast to what is seen in other countries.

“You know I am the Chairman of the WAPP, and as the chairman I will tell you that we are building a line that will move from Nigeria to Niger and to Burkina Faso so that we can sell power to those countries. That line is a 330KV double sided line.”

Mohammed added, “When we did the environmental impact assessment and we enumerated the cost of economic activities along the right-of-way, we confirmed that the line from Benin Kebbi to Kamba, which is the border between Nigeria and Niger, is just about 62 kilometres. We also found out that from the border of Nigeria or from Kamba to Kamai is over 300km.”

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