March 18, 2018



When the power goes out, a generator can keep your house warm (or cool), your kitchen cooking, and your computers and phones charging.

Nigerian buyers are however, faced with a decision of choosing from an infinite number of power solution options, the right brand, type and size of Power Generating set. 


There are several factors you need to consider in choosing the right Power generating set.


Key Features to consider when buying a Generator

Features vary with the type of Generators but the most important convenience features that makes it more convenient starting and powering your home appliances include:

  •  Starting Method: Starting options include – Key starter, Recoil starter, Remote starter however, a generator can have more than one starter. Key and Remote Control starters are much easier to use.
  •  Automatic Transfer Switch: The advantage of using a generator with an automatic transfer switch is that it senses when power has been lost. It automatically starts and then switches to generator power without human interference and this process is repeated when power returns.
  •  Automatic Voltage Regulation: If you may be powering a computer, home theatre components or other sensitive electronics, you should consider a unit with automatic voltage regulation. This feature stops voltage fluctuations that may harm electronics.
  •  Automatic Safety Shutdown: Some generators automatically shut down in the event of low oil pressure, low oil level, high temperature and other unsafe operating conditions.
  •  Circuit Breakers: Circuit breakers help prevent damage to connected equipment by shutting down the flow of power if there is too much current passing through.
  •  Wheeled frames: Larger generator models can be very heavy so a generator set with a wheeled frame and handles is essential for moving the generator from point A to point B.
  •  100% Copper Coil: When purchasing a generator, it is important to ensure that the alternator coil is made from 100% copper and not aluminium, as copper is a better conductor of electricity and also reduces loading losses in the generating set.



  1. How to Determine the capacity or size of the Generator I need


Determining how much power you will require in order to conveniently run your home or office appliances is very essential, not only to the buyer, but to guarantee the long use of your generating set, as, overtaxing a generating set reduces its fuel efficiency, and in some cases can damage the generator and connected equipment. You can simply find out how much power you need to power major appliances by noting the following steps:

To make it easier and automate we created a generator advisory for you


Step 1: You open the link

Step 2: You select the various appliances you want to run with your generator

Step 3: You click find generator and you see the rating we advise you to buy

NB: A 20% loading allowance as been given to the generator to ensure optimal loading of the generator and avoid over loading.


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